Objective & Successful Stories

Dating Singapore is a service provider that caters to sincere and genuine individuals who are interested to have guidance and to increase chances on how to create and find the ideal lifetime partner. 

  • 10 years ago, a professor who was divorced twice came to me and shared his problems. I noticed that he spent most of his time on his research and neglected his ex-wives. I gave him advices for the third marriage and it is a fulfilling one. I suggested that he brings her out for dancing and singing sessions at least once a week. Besides having a happy marriage, he can do better on work and research for his career advancement.


  • A good looking school teacher told me that for the past 10 years, she had dated more than 20 guys but after a few dates, the gentlemen did not wish to see her again. After 15 minutes of conversation with her, I noted that she tends to argue and have a negative way of thinking. After taking in my advices, she is successfully married to an Engineer.


  • Why do 70% of the divorce rates consist of the man older than woman by less than 3 years old and only 5% of the divorce rates consist of the man older than the woman by around 10 years?


  • Why nurses do not wish to find a doctor as a husband?


  • Why 90% of the woman who dated younger man has no good result? Why a single 43 year old lady came with her mother and only wanted to know divorcee?